DEEP CLEANING AND DISINFECTION Professionalism from start to finish. 

Deep Cleaning & Disinfection in Cincinnati 

Deep cleaning and comprehensive biological disinfection require the right equipment, the right training, and the right technology. Because commercial buildings are populated by people with a wide range of sensitivities, it is vital to be fully qualified to select and use cleaning materials that are environmentally friendly, industrial-strength-effective, and very unlikely to trigger any negative reaction in sensitive people. 

What Is Deep Cleaning? 

Deep cleaning means both removing all dirt and grime, and penetrating surfaces to remove germs and viruses. In this age of COVID, sanitization takes on critical importance. Office spaces, even those that have recently been completely renovated, are composed of materials that have varying levels of absorption. Linoleum is easier to deep clean than carpets or wooden cabinets with many drawers and cupboards. Each material requires a tailored approach to achieve the level of cleaning required to eliminate the spread of diseases. 

HM Pro Services cleans everything, but with special emphasis on the high-touch areas where people mingle — which are often overlooked. This includes:

  • Handrails, door handles, and light switches
  • All points of touch in and around elevators, vending machines, and office kitchen supplies and appliances
  • Conference room tables and chairs
  • Bathrooms

Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

While traditional cleaning solutions can resolve some issues, germs and viruses travel like an aerosol throughout the air and can cling to surfaces throughout any facility. They can often be lodged in places that large-molecule cleaning solutions cannot reach.

Electrostatic spray disinfection is a specialized technique that distributes atomized disinfection similarly to how germs and viruses travel when airborne. Because they are atomized by an electrode, the solution is attracted to even the tiniest of surfaces and cracks so it can thoroughly neutralize pathogens. This technique greatly improves infection control and has been shown to significantly reduce the number of sick days taken by employees. We go out of our way to ensure the safety and health of a working environment.

For pro deep cleaning and disinfection, connect with HM Pro Services at (513) 866-8770.

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