Facilities Professionalism from start to finish. 

post-construciton and commercial cleaning services

Wherever your business is operating, HM Pro Services is dedicated to enhancing your processes. Every business needs regular cleaning and a safe, hygienic environment. Each type of building comes with specific cleaning requirements and different maintenance schedules. Whatever your business needs, we can accommodate you, at extremely competitive rates.

Facilities We Clean

Schools & Universities

Because of the size of their spaces and the number of high-touch areas, cleaning services must be regularly performed. We can meet your needs and exceed any school board or local government requirements and take cleaning off your list of administrative duties.

Office Parks

If you are the property manager of an office park, we can offer you a competitive retainer rate that covers regular cleaning and hauling. When one of your spaces is vacated or is being renovated, we can come in with post-construction cleaning for any manufacturing space and deep clean all areas.

New Construction Buildings

When buildings are under construction, they require cleaning at various stages. It is important to get rid of debris and trash generated by the construction as soon as it starts to accumulate and get in the way. Regular clean-ups create a superior work environment and speeds up the completion of your project.

Medical Offices 

Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and urgent care facilities have much stricter requirements for cleaning. HM Pro Services offers deep cleaning and sanitizing services that meet or exceed all hospital and government agency requirements. 

Industrial & Manufacturing

These facilities often need scrap materials, junk, and hazardous waste hauled away. Because of the high particulate matter in the air, periodic deep cleaning is required, including high dusting and power scrubbing. 

Services you can trust

Our clients trust us to keep their spaces clean and healthy. No matter the type of facility, we have an economical cleaning and sanitizing plan that goes beyond the usual. 

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